A Guide to Gifting Tea

December 23, 2018

Everyone appreciates a warm drink during the frosty winter season. So, why not gift your loved one specialist tea that will exceed their expectations? If you’re unsure which type of tea to buy or which flavour to go for, don’t worry - we have the perfect guide to gifting tea.

If you’re unfamiliar with the different tastes of tea and are looking for a crowd pleaser, we would recommend any Taiwanese oolong teas. These are a great choice as oolong teas are really smooth, rounded and fragrant. Even people who claim to be non-tea-drinkers often say Taiwanese oolong teas are lovely. Some of our recommendations to start with are Alishan Golden Lily, Alishan Qing Xin Jade, Osmanthus Baozhong. You can browse our range of oolong teas here - https://tearepertoire.com/collections/oolong-tea

Another safe choice that we would recommend is our best-selling range of jasmine teas. Why not gift our top-selling Jasmine Phoenix Pearls? With an intense aroma of jasmine blossom and hints of opulent, sweet jasmine floral notes with a refreshing green tea sap, this tea is a well-rounded, velvety liquor. Our Jasmine Phoenix Pearls are available via the link below. https://tearepertoire.com/products/jasmine-phoenix-pearls

If the person you’re buying for is more of a green tea type of person, our Wild Arbor Joongjak is another great choice. This is a Korean green tea and is an easy drinking tea that is well loved by Chinese as well as Japanese tea lovers.


Herbal teas are always a safe choice for gifting, such as Peppermint Bleu, Lemon Verbena and Greek Mountain Tea. Browse our unique range of herbal teas that are renowned for their distinctive health benefits making them the perfect thoughtful gift. All herbal teas are very refreshing and contain no caffeine, which is great for any decaf lover or for someone looking to cut down on their caffeine intake! Have a look through our full herbal tea range - https://tearepertoire.com/collections/tisane

If you’re looking for something a little bit different then why not try our Yunnan Purple Buds. This is a sublime Chinese black tea that is fragrant with an elegant finish. Yunnan Purple Bud’s distinctive eucalyptus note is very refreshing and pleasant on the palate. This is a highly appreciated tea among our tea connoisseurs. We also recommend Qi Lai Mountain Concubine Oolong, this is a really unique, glamorous oolong tea from Taiwan. It’s fruity and floral at the same time and the distinctive natural pineapple and rose flavour is so delicious and almost addictive. Another customer favourite is Black Forest, a smooth and chocolatey Chinese black tea that everyone loves.

When it comes to personal taste, we love light-bodied full-flavoured teas. In this collection, we recommend Darjeeling First Flush Castleton China Muscatel, classical Oriental Beauty, Qi Lai Mountain Concubine Oolong and Oriental Beauty Avant Garde. All these teas are highly rare and exceptional in terms of their flavour and aroma profile - we are confident that they will meet the expectation of even the most experienced tea connoisseurs. 

Follow this tea gifting guide and you really can’t go wrong! From essential Taiwanese oolong tea to something special like the Yunnan Purple Bud, we’re sure they’re bound to love it!



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