Curator of Fine Tea

December 07, 2017


Tea Repertoire London aims to offer the best tea on the scene that will bring flavours of culture to your tea moments.
Tea Repertoire London aims to become the curator of fine tea.


Here at Tea Repertoire London, we believe that even the everyday tea should be exceptional. Our goal is to curate fine exclusive teas and make them available to you each and every day. We asked ourselves, what if the Western and Eastern tea tradition could meet, and instead of clashing create a whole new mesmerizing experience? What if we can combine the sophistication of the traditional English tea time with teaism, which elevated tea as “a religion of the art of life”, in order to promote a new wave of fine tea culture?

With our authentic selection of rare, finest teas from the best tea producing regions, we want to bring flavours of art and culture to your daily tea enjoyment. We would like to promote daily rituals of preparing and drinking tea as a cultural activity to bring you a sense of gratification, fulfillment and self-reflection, as if engaging in or performing art. We firmly believe that this mindful, cultural practice of tea preparation and appreciation will significantly increase your sense of well-being, by nurturing mind, body and soul.

Along our journey, we found inspiration from different forms of arts that captured the moments of tea appreciation. We immersed ourselves into the exquisite paintings of the early 19th century that described tea times and everyday moments of cherishing tea, and into the poems of zen buddhist monks who revered tea as an elixir of wisdom.

Our goal is to evoke the unforgettable feelings with carefully sourced traditional pure tea leaves. With authentic tea buds and leaves, all their colours and shapes, we want to help you paint your own tea repertoire that will evoke gratifying and pleasing emotions with every sip you take.

At Tea Repertoire London, we truly believe in the significant role of arts and cultural activities to improve our daily life. We believe art should be available to all those that are willing to appreciate it. It goes without saying that tea as a piece of art, is an affordable luxury which can nurture our hectic modern life in so many ways.

Sujin, Founder of Tea Repertoire, The Curator of Fine Teas


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