Greek Mountain Tea (EU/USDA ORGANIC)

Tea Repertoire

Op. 708

Type: Herbal Tea

Tea Type: Herbal Tea

Made from hand-picked Greek herb, Sideritic Scardica, organically grown on Olympus Mountain, our Greek Mountain Tea  yields a highly aromatic liquor with mild citrusy and floral notes. Being naturally caffeine-free, it is also known as a rich source of antioxidants and its anti-inflammatory effect. Certified Organic by DIO Organisation (GR-BIO-01). 

Tea Region: Olympus Mountain, Greece

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Bright, clear, gold coloured infusion. 
  • Aroma: Citrusy, floral and herbaceous. 
  • Flavours: Delicate citrusy, fruity and floral notes. 
  • Mouthfeel: Aromatic, smooth liquor with a sustained finish. 

Brewing Guidance

  • Measure 1g of Greek Mountain Tea per 100ml water. Boil water to 90℃. Steep for 4-minutes.

Awards: 1 star at Great Taste Awards 2019 

Reference:  Op. 708

 Tea Flavours - Greek Montain Tea - Tea Repertoire


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