Top Award-Winning Teas at the Great Taste Awards

August 01, 2023

The Great Taste Awards is one of the most trusted institution that rewards the best quality products in the food and beverage with 1, 2 or 3 stars. More than 500 industry leading  judges evaluate around 13,000 products.

We're so excited to share a thrilling news with you - Tea Repertoire has won even 34 prizes since 2019 at the Great Taste Awards Competition, including five times 3 star award and totaling 50 stars. Only 1.6% of the top gourmet products in all F&B categories get 3 stars by the guild of fine food judges. In 2021, we are very proud to be the only tea company receiving 2 times 2 star for our matcha, totalling 7 stars for our matcha. That makes Tea Repertoire the best matcha company for the year. This year, discover the rare and unique Golden Treasure Shiracha Tea, a 3 star winner in 2023!

We must say, this is a real achievement and acknowledgement for our philosophy to source the top quality single origin teas that truly reflect the tea culture and terroir of their origins. 

We also want to sincerely thank your trust and confidence in our teas and to have joined our tea journey to expand your tea repertoire. We'll continue our hard work to source the finest tea leaves for you. Discover what the judges said about our teas.

Here is feedback from the judges of Great Taste Awards for our top prize winners below: 

Golden Treasure Shiracha - 3 Stars 2023

Sweet, Umami, Buttery, Spinach, Zucchini, Floral

"A really interesting tea, we understand it is indeed rare. We love the clear pale gold liquor with its delicacy allied to a surprising level of umami, delivered with creaminess on the palate tempered by the lightest astringency. There's a gentle sweetness and yet remarkable depth of flavour - indeed elegant."

Sencha Asamuchi - 3 Stars in 2020

Refreshing, Grassy, Creamy, Vegetal

"A tea that fulfills its description at every level. A beautifully made leaf, shiny needles, a forest green shade. Pale green gold liquor, very clear in the cup. This has vegetal, umami and buttery notes in abundance and balanced tannins on the finish."

Sejak Tendresse - 3 Stars in 2020

Gentle, Toasty, Nutty, Floral

"A beautiful curled leaf, well made. Light, bright, golden, delicate liquor. On the palate we found grassy character with a hint of peach in the background. Just a touch of toastiness. There's a pleasing rounded sweetness, and great persistence of florality. A delightful tea."

Oriental Beauty Avant-Garde - 3 Stars in 2020

Exhilarating, Honeyed, Fruity, Floral

"Very good, well-twisted leaf. Attractive liquor. The infused leaf is fantastic, bright and coloury. The infusion is bright and golden with a distinct muscatel note and marked sweetness. Delightful, with distinct muscatel and dried mango notes, very fragrant and alive. "

Jasmine Phoenix Pearls - 3 Stars in 2019

Sweet, Refreshing, Opulent Floral

"Perfect pearls yield a clear, bright liquor. Sweet and creamy on the palate, with an apt level of jasmine. Soft astringency refreshes. Perfect all round."

Matcha Yabukita - 2 Stars in 2021

Buttery, Umami, Nutty

"A vibrant green shade, talcum-soft, the powdered matcha has a zesty, floral aroma. Vibrant in the cup, with a soft, gentle, youthful aroma. The initial palate impact is of marked sweetness, followed by vegetal notes, rich in umami. The astringency is mild, the bitterness in line with the flavour delivery. There's a slight salinity on the finish. The overall mellowness and smooth taste and flavour delivery impressed us."

Matcha Salut D'Amour - 2 Stars in 2021

Sweet, Milky, Nutty

"Vibrant, green powder with a very attractive colour and green foam. There is a creamy mouthfeel and intense nutty flavour to this. The bitterness borders on being overpowering, but is kept in check by the intensity of the buttery nuttiness and smooth texture. This is intense, but we found ourselves going back for more."

Baozhong - 2 Stars in 2020

Gracious, Refreshing, Floral, Creamy

"A well-made twisted leaf. The liquor is pale golden and light in appearance. Brassica notes here are long-lasting and demonstrating good length."

Jasmine Oolong - 2 Stars in 2020

Soothing, Honeyed, Floral, Milky

"There is a distinct honey aroma on the leaf. The honey character comes through beautifully in the liquor - the base tea is of very good quality. Well-managed sweetness from the jasmine delivers a well-balanced tea."

Phoenix Honey Orchid - 2 Stars in 2019

Complex, Floral, Fruity, Woody

"Grapefruit, bitter orange and white floral notes are balanced by savoury elements.  The flavours are distinct but balanced - a clever tea."

Classical Oriental Beauty - 2 Stars in 2019

 Delightful, Floral, Fruity, Woody

"Light, delicate and floral - It has sweetness, some fruit and interesting levels of flavour and is pleasingly warming on the palate."

Lemon Verbena Swing - 2 Stars in 2019

Fragrant, Refreshing, Citrusy, Grassy

"Bright yellow tea. Great colour. Vibrant lemon on the nose. Lovely full flavours of citrus and sunshine. The flavour really lasts on the tongue and delivers the whole way through. Great to experience a single ingredient at its best."

Gymnopédie No.1 - 1 Star in 2023

Firewood, peated whiskey, burnt sugar

"A deliberately smoky style, rather than overtly fruity, but delicate and pleasant, subtly longan-noted - and indeed smooth, fragrant and delicious."

Nighthawks - 1 Star in 2023

Firewood, dark chocolate, prune

"An attractive black leaf, if not tightly rolled, produces an amber toned liquor with a delightful appley note, a touch of sweetness and pleasingly delicate smoke, which does grow a touch dusty on the finish. An easily accessible, gently smoked tea, that reminded some of Keemun."

Traditional Roasted Dong Ding - 1 Star in 2023

Gardenia, Rose, white summer peach, slightly toasted

"A nicely curled leaf yields a full flavour liquor which reflects the description - roastiness is evident, but there is a gentle fragrance behind it. Smooth on the palate, with some light persistence of sweetness."

Laocong Shui Xian - 1 Star in 2023

Peach, Guava, Grapefruit, Cigar, Rosewood, Orange blossom

"There's a marked grapefruit pith note here, without overmuch bitterness, alongside pleasing peachiness. It's a pleasing Oolong."

Dew Light Tsuyuhikari - 1 Star in 2023

Sweet, Umami, Grassy, Spinach, Zucchini

"The pale jade-green liquor is most attractive, and its flavour delivery is exactly as described - vegetal with plenty of umami, pleasantly creamy on the palate with balanced astringency on the finish."

Sencha Bio - 1 Star in 2021

 Sweet, Floral, Grassy

"Yield a sweet, vegetal, umami rich flavour – classic Sencha character."

Gyokuro Kukicha - 1 Star in 2021

 Marine, Buttery, Umami

"The leaf and stalk mix yields a light, delicate liquor with a touch of anise, balanced by pleasing sweetness. A gentle infusion. Pleasing."

Matcha Yame - 1 Star in 2021

Walnut, Rich, Buttery, Umami

"We admired the almost fluorescent-green glow of this matcha, and the powder was lovely and fine. The aroma of the leaf was nutty and fresh with a floral lightness, while there was a toasted nut aroma from the blended drink. The taste was immediately zingy and grassy along with a creamy macadamia nut and saline layer and a toasted earthy finish. Wonderfully complex. "

Matcha Dolce Mio - 1 Star in 2021

 Smooth, Nutty, Vegetal, Grassy

"Attractive green coloured latte, which holds its own as a milky matcha drink. We liked that the fresh green characteristics and slight bitterness of the matcha were still present and that the sweetness of the milk had not overpowered the fresh and nutty flavours of the matcha. This has a pleasant, light nutty flavour and well-rounded bitterness."

Matcha Okunoyama - 1 Star in 2021

Nutty, Buttery, Milky, Umami, Avocado

"We loved the sweet almond milk aroma of this matcha and thought the vibrant green colour of the drink was very enticing. The powder was fine and fresh. The flavour was immediate and strong, of fresh cobnuts and slightly underripe avocado, which segued into an unusual umami-rich, mushroomy lingering finish. It was complex and compelling and we found it an incredibly interesting drink."

Alishan Qing Xin Jade - 1 Star in 2021

Floral, Brioche, Sweet Milky, Vanilla

"An interesting infusion - we do glean biscuitty and cinnamon notes alongside a pleasing sweetness, and all these persist on the finish. Some perception of fishy notes, too, but these are light and not disturbing."

Nine Dragon Robe - 1 Star in 2021

Floral, Caramel, Ripe Fruits 

"A pungent infusion, with bright tropical fruitiness, layers of flavour and good sweetness. We enjoyed the complexity here."

Heavy Roasted Dong Ding - 1 Star in 2021

Sweet, Toasty, Vanilla, Toffee, Coffee Beans, Peach 

"A gentle roasted character complements the stone fruit notes; there's a touch of florality, a pleasing balance and levels of flavour."

Osmanthus Baozhong - 1 Star in 2020

 Uplifting, Floral, Fruity, Milky

"A well-twisted leaf produces a wonderful, bright liquor.  Osmanthus is in balance with the leaf and complements it well. There is a distinct flavour length that pleased the judges."

Repertoire English Breakfast Blend - 1 Star in 2020

Malty, Woody, Honey 

"The infusion is coloury and strong with some briskness. This has good, everyday, honest tea quality - some genuine maltiness and a good flavour length."

Repertoire Earl Grey - 1 Star in 2020

Invigorating, Woody, Cirusy 

"The leaf was neat and attractive, a light and playful Earl Grey with an interesting twist on a traditional blend - it was a pleasant surprise and enjoyable."

Matcha Eroica - 1 Star in 2019

Rich, Creamy, Umami, Nutty

 "Flavours are very pleasant with a hint of coconut biscuits."

Matcha Bliss - 1 Star in 2019

Rich, Creamy, Nutty, Herbaceous 

"Wonderful bright green colour.  Sweet, grassy aroma, and the sweetness follows through on the palate. Very light and delicate flavour, with very little astringency."

Wild Arbor Joongjak - 1 Star in 2019

Refreshing, Toasty, Nutty, Herbaceous 

 "Good grassy notes along with some pleasing baked ones.  Nutty flavours are balanced by good sweetness. The infusion is clean and fresh."

Greek Mountain Tea - 1 Star in 2019

Fragrant, Soothing, Honey, Floral 

 "An invigorating brew, a fine example of this particular infusion. No bitter aftertaste."

Bi Luo Chun Sanxia - 1 Star in 2019

Silky, Floral, Nutty, Buttery 

"An interesting leaf.  Indeed floral, nutty and mellow, with gentle astringency."

Yunnan Purple Buds - 1 Star in 2019

Complex, Stimulating, Woody, Floral 

"A good example of distinctively oily Yunnan character.  The anticipated flavours are delivered well, Yunnan character is bursting through."

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