Focused Green Tea & Matcha Tasting Workshop

May 05, 2019

Tea Repertoire will run a workshop on Green Tea, with a focus on Japanese green tea and matcha. Join us at Heal’s on the 16th of May.

Learn about Japanese green Tea in London

With a special focus on the art of Japanese green tea making, you will learn more about different types of green teas in Japan. You will learn that Japanese green tea varies a lot in terms of their processing methods and cultivars and also learn about differences between Japanese and Western style brewing methods to make a perfect cup of Japanese green tea.

Comparative Green Tea tasting: Japanese vs. Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese green teas 

We will also have a comparative green tea tasting session to learn about  green teas from other growing regions such as Korea, China and Taiwan. You will learn how different terroir, different tea processing method and cultivar affect the aroma and flavour profiles of different green teas. 

Tasting menu for the evening  

Discover Japanese Green Tea:

Discover Japanese Matcha:

  • Matcha Delightrich, creamy infusion with nutty & herbaceous notes, evocative of walnuts, almonds & watercress.
  • Matcha Bliss: Incredibly smooth and creamy matcha made from Uji Hikari and Samidori cultivars. 
  • Matcha Eroica: award-winning single cultivar matcha, made from highly rare Narino cultivar. 
  • Other single cultivar Matcha: Asahi, Samidori, Yabukita and Okunomidori

Taste Korean Green Tea:

  • Wild Arbour JoongjakMade from the spring harvest of wild native Korean tea bushes grown on the slope of Jiri Mountain, the tea offers sweet, nutty & herbaceous flavours

Find more about a unique Chinese Green Tea

Try pan fired Taiwanese Tea:

  • Bi Luo Chun Sanxia: this rare Taiwanese green tea has sweet, floral, vegetal & nutty flavours

Green Tea Pairing with Cheese 

Have you tried cheese with green tea before? You will be surprised how harmoniously the rich, umami flavour of green tea interact with rich, creamy cheese. 


The 16th of May


Heal’s Westfield White City

W12 7HB


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