Tea Repertoire Carouge

April 30, 2021

Tea Repertoire is a tea company created by Sujin and Pierre-Pascal, a couple from Geneva, who would like to share with you their passion and know-how in the world of teas. Why not try our teas?

Our philosophy

Learning about tea goes through knowledge of the producing regions and the expert methods of the farmers producing the teas. This is why, at Tea Repertoire, we have decided to visit the growers and source the vast majority of our teas directly from the farmers, without any intermediary. We visit regularly and work with our master tea artisans to produce more refined, fresh and original teas. By being closer to the growers, we support fair trade.

We believe that single-origin teas must express the unique character not only of their tea variety, but also of their original culture and terroir, as well as the ancestral know-how perpetuated by their growers. Thus, we travel regularly to the regions of Asia to select the best that the terroir of origin of each region can offer. Fine teas are like fine wines, they bring a balance of naturally unique and delicious aromas and tastes.

Our Awards

In 2019, we were proud to be the tea company with the most awards at the Great Taste Awards. However, we did not stop there, because in 2020 we are the only tea company to have received three times three stars for our products at the Great Taste Awards.

In addition, our producers are recognized for the quality of their teas, they regularly receive national and international awards at tea competitions.

Education and Tea Tasting

Come discover and learn the culture of tea in a fun way. You will learn about the different types of tea such as green tea, matcha, Oolong, white tea and Puerh. You will also discover the specificities of tea-growing regions in China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. The Tea Tasting are held at our tea shop in Carouge.

Loose leaves tea or tea bags for cafes, restaurants and hotels

Are you looking for a tea supplier? We will work together to achieve the best experience with our quality teas for your customers. We are honored to count restaurant chefs, independent cafés, prestigious hotels and specialty delis in Switzerland and Europe among our clients.

Our tea sommelier will be happy to advise you in order to better understand your needs and offer a selection of teas that will delight your demanding customers.

About our Founder

Sujin is a certified tea sommelier, trainer at the prestigious UK Tea Academy in London, one of the most respected tea academies in the world. She brings her expertise in the field of tea by teaching in a hotel school in Switzerland. It also organizes the Korean tea ceremony, the SEONCHADO. She grew up next to Hadong, the oldest tea plantation in South Korea, where she developed her passion for teas since childhood. She founded Tea Repertoire in 2017 in London, then opened her first store in Carouge in 2020.

Local Press

À Tea Repertoire Carouge, on cajole le thé, Tribune de Genève, Anne Pastori-Zumbach, 6 December 2021

Portrait of Sujin Lee invite à voyager dans le vaste univers du thé, Le Temps, Véronique Zbinden, 26 April 2021

Interview of Sujin Lee «La dégustation du thé est un art subtil», Hôtellerie Gastronomie Hebdo, Véronique Zbinden, 21 April 2021

Un petit thé? Voici les raretés et les grands classiques du Repertoire, Le Temps, Francesca Serra, 30 August 2020

Savourer le thé dans les règles de l'art, Miam Magazine, Issue 6, pp 116-117, Sandra Molly, October 2020

Where is our Store

We have chosen to open our first tea shop in Geneva, Switzerland. You will find our shop in the welcoming district of Carouge at rue Saint Joseph number 13. We are a few steps from the Armes stop of TPG 12 and 18.

Find Tea Repertoire Carouge

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